Chief Curator of SassBoxx

Queens Native, Sapphira E. Martin is a Full-Time Entrepreneur. With a boss mindset instilled in her at a young age, becoming an Entrepreneur has always been her number one goal. After graduating from Johnson C. Smith University with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Communication Arts, Sapphira had the “ dream job.” She worked as a Social Media and Content Producer at Emmis Communications; being able to create content for the very audience and generation that she was a part of was so rewarding. However, there was something more rewarding about working for herself while positively uplifting black women, so she created SassBoxx. 

Sapphira swears by Habbakuk 2:2 “Write the vision, make it plain.” she feels that you truly have to see yourself where you want to be and envision all your desires to happen. Over a year later, SassBoxx has showed tremendous growth. SassBoxx is a monthly subscription box that offers products exclusively from businesses owned by black women. Sapphira was inspired to create SassBoxx because she saw there was a need for businesses in the community to be uplifted and financially supported. "Of course the many subscriptions that came before me played a major role in inspiring SassBoxx” she said. “But it was definitely the hardest working, biggest spending demographic, black women. "SassBoxx is meant to create a huge network and sisterhood of African American women that support, uplift and inspire one another.  

For Sapphira, she hasn’t been happier and more liberal than she is now. She’s more appreciative of her business now because the time and effort she spends on it has already lead to great things. She’s providing a platform for women of color business owners, celebrating and honoring women entrepreneur’s through her six city Brunch Series Tour, and speaking, inspiring and uplifting all black women through “ Black Girl Podcast” in which she co-hosts.