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HoneyLushNaturals 'Yoni Steam'


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Product Description

Yoni Steams are an ancient natural practice from Mayan and other traditions of central, South America and Africa. Yoni Steams can help cleanse the womb of unshed waste and tone and care for the uterus and reproductive organs. Sample sized but the perfect amount of a yoni steam. It has been proven to help with: Ph balance Uterine weakness Painful menses Scar tissue Vaginal Tears Women's Libido And many other conditions The Soothing Yoni Steam Mix is made with: Rose Bud Chamomile Rosemary Motherwort as some of the main ingredients that make this steam worthwhile! The smell is amazing and it is certain to be a relaxing soothing experience. *NOT RECOMMENDED FOR WOMAN WHO ARE PREGNANT OR DURING YOUR CYCLE!* Try Me steam is a sample and enough for 1 steam to try out and see if it's for you! Like Me steam is a 2 steam pack. Which should last you a month. Love Me steam should be enough to get you by for a few months depending on the amount that you use. visit to purchase more.

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